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Medcomp is on the cutting edge of new vascular access device technology, mainly in the field
of Dialysis. Medcomp has continued to manufacture and market new ideas and is dedicated
to supplying the highest quality, innovation and customer service with every device they sell.

Medcomp's long term Hemodialysis Catheters are all MRI compatible.
Its material is alcohol and iodine compatible, which helps to provide more strength and kink resistance. Lastly, with its two free floating lumens feature, this helps to improve flow
and lower recirculation.



In a continuous effort to produce only the best in innovative products; Medcomp developed DuraLock-C. DuraLock-C™ is a concentrated trisodium citrate solution, which has been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of catheter related infections. It also prevents catheter related clotting maintaining efficient blood flow rates. Clinical practice shows a reduction of at least 70% of the use of thrombolitic agents and prevents the formation of catheter lumen biofilm, which contributes to catheter related bacteria.