Johnson & Johnson Logo
Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer
of healthcare products and has been in business for more than 50 years. They continue
to set the bar high in medical innovations with branches of Ethicon (sutures, hemostats,
biopatch, blake drains), Ethicon Endo Surgery, Codman, Depuy Inc. and Advanced
Sterilization Products.

Johnson & Johnson Dermabond,
a topical skin adhesive, provides
a protective microbial barrier over the wound. Though introduced for its use as a skin closure device in operating and emergency room settings, Dermabond also acts as a protective layer over a sutured wound,
and therefore increases wound protection following closure of surgical incisions. Dermabond can be used by an array of specialties: plastic surgeons, cardio-vascular surgeons, OB-GYN, general surgeon and also
in family practices.


Absorbable Suture Line

In their continuing efforts
to prevent infection, they've upgraded their absorbable
suture line
to include Vicryl
Plus, Monocryl Plus and PDS
Plus. These Plus sutures kill bacteria and inhibit bacterial colonization of the suture and
have been proven to create
a zone of inhibition against
the most common surgical
site pathogens.