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The Megadyne family of quality electrosurgical products utilizes new and innovative technologies
to improve safety, increase efficiency, and bring cost savings.
Mega Power Electrosurgical Generator

The design and user-friendly set-up
of the Mega Power Electrosurgical Generator (diathermy) allows your surgical teams to function effectively. Its proprietary Advanced Cutting Effect (ACE) mode provides a scalpel-like cutting effect for minimal thermal necrosis and reduced scarring.
The Constant Control Technology™ feature monitors tissue impedance
and adjusts power output to reduce tissue damage and drag. The result
is a smooth, clean, accurate cutting effect at the lowest possible settings
for maximum patient safety.


Monitoring Pads

Megadyne also offers monitoring pads for pediatrics and adults.
The MegaSoft pad eliminates patient prepping time before
a procedure; no shaving
or searching for an adequate patient pad site. These pads
have proven to be safer than the “sticky pads” conventionally used in surgery. They are user friendly and also significantly reduce cost per procedure; with an unlimited usage life of two years.