Embarking on the “Road to 25 Years” Celebration: Open House and Fair at Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies Limited.

April 13,2024


Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Medical & Surgical Supplies Limited was thrilled to initiate its celebration to its “Road to 25 Years”  with an Open House and Fair, commemorating a quarter-century of excellence, innovation, and community partnership.

The event took place on April 13 at their Corporate Office on 9 Fifth Terrace, Centreville to open their doors to the everyday customer , physicians, friends and family.

Highlights of the Event Include:

  • Engaging Exhibits: Explore our rich vendor profile and product offering through interactive displays and presentations.
  • Live Demonstrations: Experience firsthand the cutting-edge technologies and services that have propelled us to success.
  • Community Engagement: Connected with fellow community members, partners, and stakeholders who have contributed to our growth and success.
  • Entertainment and Refreshments: Enjoyed live music, entertainment, and delicious refreshments to celebrate this significant milestone together.

The event was a testament to the dedication of the Team, the support of our community, and the vision that has driven us forward. We look forward to celebrating with all those who have been a part of our celebration journey.